What do I do if I already charge my customers extra for using debit and credit cards?
Manually adding charges for debit or credit card transactions without a service like ours is illegal, and major credit card companies are currently keeping a close eye out for this infraction. Stop charging extra immediately and let us help you process cards without losing profit.

How do I avoid losing customers when I add a convenience fee?
Ultimately, making it more feasible for your customers to pay in cash is going to be what keeps them around.

What does the four-percent charge cover?
The fee covers all non-EBT transaction costs, merchant online portal access, fraud protection, our processing platform, next-day funding for qualified businesses, chargeback assistance, and 24/7 customer support.

How will working with Zero Payment Fees affect my profit margins?
Typically, using our service can increase your profit margins between 10 and 30 percent, by saving you the fees you are currently paying to your processing company.

Who pays you, my company or my customers?
We add a four-percent charge onto each of your customer transactions. The charge is sent directly to us, letting you enjoy a seamless, stress-free process.

How does this program drive cash sales?
By adding the surcharge to credit and debit card sales, you prompt more customers to pay in cash to save money.

What makes this better than traditional credit card processing?
Our program beats out traditional credit card processing by saving you the money you, as a business owner, would typically pay them on every digital transaction